Call for sesions, round table and workshop proposals

The International Institute for Prehistoric Research of Cantabria (IIIPC) of the University of Cantabria will host the 9th edition of the “Jornadas de Jóvenes en Investigación Arqueológica- JIA” (Young Researchers in Archaeology) conference in the second week of June 2016 in Santander, Spain (8-11 June 2016).


The title, “Archaeology in 3D: a Social Tool, a Historic and Natural Science Agent”, as the theme for JIA2016 is remarkably topical in the characteristics that we consider to make Archaeology a discipline:

  • Social tool: Archaeology is for society and is closely linked with society. We believe it is important to generate academic debates focused in giving answers to the main theoretical, institutional, legal, economic, political and heritage conservation challenges faced by the archaeologists.
  • Historic agent: Archaeology as an independent science can answer questions about the human past, in prehistoric or historic times. This topic intendeds to enhance archaeology as an autonomous science with its own theory, methodology, techniques and debates.
  • Natural Science: Archaeology as a science capable, not only of applying techniques traditionally linked to the humanities, but also to innovate methodologically. It is necessary to continue to deepen scientific interdisciplinary and contribute to the development of methodologies and techniques the application of which in the archaeological framework has still been limited during the last decades.
  • Nevertheless, in addition to the three-topic theme of JIA2016, all those works that have outstanding scientific interest or may generate critical debates that enrich our discipline are welcome.


  • Session: Sessions presenting a specific topic that allow wide and dynamic debates via the presentation of different communications will be admitted. Both oral and poster communications are welcome in the sessions.
  • Round table: this format intends to promote critical debates on topics related with any of the three dimensions of Archaeology in focus in the 9th edition of JIA, as well as suggest other topics involving remarkable debates. In the application a minimum of five specific questions to discuss must be included.
  • Workshop: we consider this format appropriate for topics that require a laboratory approach, that is, the presentations and discussion of a work methodology. Those people interested in organizing a workshop may wish to work with the facilities available in the IIIPC and in the University of Cantabria.

Proposals should be submitted to the email jia2016santander@gmail.com, by filling the form attach to this circular and also available at web page. We will accept proposals in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

A second call for papers within sessions will be circulated in February 2016


  • Celebration of JIA2016: June 8, 9, 10 and 11
  • Deadline to apply for organizing sessions, workshops and round tables: January 31 2016
  • More information at: Web and FacebooK

In case of any questions please don’t hesitate in let us know through the email jia2016santander@gmail.com.