Photography contest

Rules for the Archaeological Photography contest JIA 2016.

On the ocassion of the celebration of the Young in Archaeological Investigation (JIA) event that will take place in Santander between June 8th – 11th, attendants are invited to participate in an archaeological photography contest.


Every enrolled young researcher in the event is allowed to participate in the contest by sending only one photograph to the oficial e-mail of the organization ( with the subject “Photography contest”.

The image must be accompanied with the name and contact of the author or authors, and a brief explanation of the work (maximum 200 words).


The photographs must be focused in the archaeological record: lithic and bone industry, constructions (megaliths and buildings), pottery, animal and human remains, field and laboratory work, stratigraphy,…

The photographs where people could be identified and the archaeological record is not the main topic will be declassified.


Images could be both white and black or in colour, and the use of edition tools as well as programs are allowed. Assemblage of different photographs,or commercial trademarks and institutional publicity are not allowed and will be motive of declassification of the contest.

The photographs must be of high quality, with a minimum resolution of 300 ppp (pixels per inch).


The participants must guarantee that they hold the authorship of the photographs or the rights over them. Also the images must not have been published in any other professional way, included the electronic, with exceptions of the social networks of the participants.

The winner will give the rights over the image, authorizing the Organizing Committee the reproduction and publication of the photographs, being able to publish it in any format, including internet, social networks, website… Without any geographic or temporal limitation, or any economic consideration. All the participant photographs will be upload to Facebook due to the voting system.


Due date to send the photographs is May 15th.

After this day, the voting period will be open until June 9th when the votes will be counted. The winner will be announced during the coffee break of the last day, June 10th.


The received photographs will have to pass a pre-selection by the Organizing Committee in order to check that the requirements are fulfilled. The selected photographs will be upload in a Facebook album where the users will be able to vote for their favourite one. The photographs with more “likes” will be the winner of the contest.


The winner photographs will be the front image of the proceedings of the congress that will be published after the event.

Organization Committe JIA 2016